Technical Support Sessions

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Are you looking for some support with your photography practice? Just ASK! (Additional Support + Knowledge) 

- Has it been a while since you stepped in the darkrooms and you can’t remember how to get started or are you struggling to get contrast in your analogue prints? 
- Do you need a hand using our inkjet printer, or the freedom to ask lots of questions when scanning your negatives?  
- Or maybe you just want some reassurance whilst you get started on a new project? 

Whatever it is Stills’ Team Assistants will be happy to provide support throughout our new enhanced Technical Support Sessions.

Who is it for? 

For those who have had an induction to our facilities or completed a course, no matter how long ago! If you haven’t used the facilities before you will need to complete an induction before booking a Technical Support Session.

As we have no membership fees, you can start using our facilities by coming along for a 1-hour induction which costs £20.00. To arrange a suitable time please give us a ring email.

What can I get support with? 

 Technical support and advice on specific issues you may have in the darkroom and digilab, such as; 
- B&W darkroom printing 
- scanning your negatives/slides 
- retouching your digital images 
- using the inkjet printer

What do the sessions not include? 

 These sessions are provided by Stills Team Assistants and do not replace the comprehensive tuition offered though our courses and Specialised Training. While the Team Assistants will be on hand to answer questions throughout the day, please be aware that in the case of high demand, their time with each facilities user may be limited. 

How much does it cost? 

A Technical Support Session is £12 which is an additional charge to your day and month pass rate. (£12 / £45)

How do I book? 

Simply phone or email to book the facilities you wish to use on the relevant days (see below), and just make sure to let us know when booking that you would like an enhanced Technical Support Session. 

Check out our digital and darkroom facilities for specifications.

Upcoming Dates: 

Digital Scanning and Printing Darkroom Printing Support
Sunday 20 May Saturday 5 May
Saturday 9 June Saturday 30 June
Saturday 7 July Sunday 29 July

Support will be available as needed between 11am-1pm and 3-5pm 

B&W course help