Susanne Nørregård Nielsen

I originally trained as a painter, and over recent years photography has taken an important role in exploring ideas. These are frequently rooted in painting but use other methods and materials to convey the work. My working process is often based on pre-existing artworks, not so much as a ground for interpretation but more as an dialogue and point
of departure.

In this body of work I am interested in playing on Constructivism and its affinity with aviation, and the interrelationship between abstract art, textile and the body.

I reanimated individual paintings by Malevich, flying them in kite form and reconstructed two Suprematist dresses after Malevich, in which I have performed to camera. The original photographs are 60 x 60 cm.

The “Kites and “Self – portrait in Suprematist Dress” are published in Source, the magazine for contemporary photography in Britain, issue 46, spring 2006.

The prints are contextualised in an essay “Up, Up and Away! Malevich take to the skies” by Charlotte Douglas, who discusses Malevich’s paintings and set designs looking at references to flight and his use of aerial photographs as source material. Charlotte Douglas is Professor Emeritus of The Institute of Fine Arts, New York University.

The prints also feature in “Katalog”, an international quarterly Magazine for photography published by The Museum of Photographic Arts, Denmark, issue 19.3, December 2007.

New photographic body of work, funded by the British Council, exhibited at a solo exhibition at Galleri Hornbæk, Denmark, 9th September to 23rd September 2007.

This series of photographs is based on a commission “Mondrian’s Flowerbed” which I did for an exhibition “What in the world is more beautiful?” at the Crawford Arts Centre, 2 July - 22 August 2004.

The flowerbed was located in the Botanic Gardens at St. Andrews. The intention was to put a focus on Mondrian’s floral painting by transposing each of the depicted flowers which he painted during his life span to this 2.5 x 5 m flowerbed setting. I worked with a range of experts, including botanists Lesley Cunningham and Bob Mitchell, head gardener David Laing and chrysanthemum expert Jim Cathcart. They were involved in assisting me to identify, source, and propagate the relevant plants.

Slide show: 
Black Square, photograph, 60 x 60 cm, 2003
Black Cross, photograph, 60 x 60 cm, 2004
Black Circle, photograph, 60 x 60 cm, 2004
Flowerbed I, Photograph, 68.5 x 80 cm, 2007
Flowerbed II, Photograph, 68.5 x 80 cm, 2007
Flowers II, Photograph, 69 x 80 cm, 2007

Nielsen was born in Denmark in 1970 and graduated from Glasgow School of Art in 1998. She is based in Balmerino and now lectures in the Painting and Printmaking Department at Glasgow School of Art.