Ryan Gibson, AiR 2012 (Artist in Residence)

In his artistic practice Ryan Gibson explores the talismanic nature of artefacts, such as souvenirs, family photographs and archival image, as a means of mapping the relationships we have to seemingly ubiquitous items. He predominantly uses photography within his practice and is concerned with the personal and formal relationship between memory and object.

It is inherent within our culture to collect places by recording the immediate environment. Without specific instruction tourists/amateur photographers from across the globe today still collect the same photographic mementos as their forefathers. This continual cycle of photographic re-presentation is a frequent focus of Gibson’s practice. With recent works taking inspiration from sourced materials that offer evidence of an event or events.

During the AiR residency Gibson plans to continue to explore the processes by which we culturally construct the ideal photograph and select a particular souvenir to summarise an entire experience or place. Using artefacts that are somewhat banal in their familiarity Gibson questions the notion that [universal] mementos serve as an unquestionable record of a single occasion or event.

Gibson’s work draws on notions of collective memory and shared histories and divides the visual representations of such events into their most basic form and function.

Slide show: 
Combing, Canoe
Combing, Canoe
from the series In The Presence of Absence
from the series Just For Show, Palace

Ryan Gibson (1988, Salford, England) lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. He received a BA (Hons) in Photography & Film from Napier University in 2011 and has since exhibited in group exhibitions 'Futureproof' Gracefield Art Centre, Dumfries and Street Level Photoworks, Glasgow and 'Freerange' at The Old Truman Brewary, London.


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