RSA 2015 - Geneva Sills

I am a photographer. I tend to use my middle finger to lift and lower the metal trays beneath me. My motion is perfect and slight, making the liquid roll across the surface of a print like gentle waves.

My lover and I attribute the smell of photo chemical to sex. To us it means anticipation; a slowly conjured revelation, one that elicits paralleled impatience’s.

These photographs will be neither positive nor negative. They will be steely and soft at the same time, metallic in appearance as they will also be in taste, and a reminder of tongues and fingers.

At Stills, Geneva Sills will be producing a series of mural, solarised silver-gelatin prints through the support of the RSA’s Residencies for Scotland.


Banner Image: Grapes (detail), (2014) Geneva Sills. From 4X5 black & white negative, produced whilst in residence at Hospitalfield. All images courtesy the artist.

Slide show: 
Self-Portrait With Dead Nude (2012), from 4X5 color transparency.
Amaryllis (Hillhead) (2012), from 4X5 black & white negative.
Henri (2013), from 4X5 color transparency
Grapes (2014), 4X5 color transparency, produced in residence at Hospitalfield.
Legs (2014), from 4X5 b&w negative, produced whilst in residence at Hospitalfiel

Born Chicago, 1987, Geneva Sills received an MFA from The Glasgow School of Art in 2012, and has exhibited work in the US, the UK, and Germany.