RSA 2015 – Stephanie Mann

I’m interested in exploring the everyday to find the extraordinary and then gathering these objects, moments and conversations as material to be organically arranged, in an internal cupboard, void of hierarchy. These elements are digested, then arranged, to produce works across media. The work acts as an outward translation for the mise en scene which occurs within. I’m trying to invest something of myself, however obliquely, into the realm of the object, whilst examining the subconscious world they are birthed from.

The focus on my residency is to produce a film based on a text I authored in Florence: Black Space Down. The text was influenced by my surroundings; the rose marble, vegetables and in particular the glossy blackness of the River Arno at night, which became a stage set for the writing to play out on. Black Space Down was written as an attempt to capture the various mental landscapes present throughout my creative process. It uses objects as analogies or characters to demonstrate 'thought things', in a way, anchoring the intangible with a visual counterpart to better make sense of what happens within. Stills will assist in providing technical expertise to produce the film to a higher standard.

Banner Image: In Possibility (2015) digital print (100 X 70cm). All images courtesy the artist.

Slide show: 
 Keratin (2015) film still
 Still Life on Face (2012) film still
Still Life on Safari (2014) digital print (100 X 70cm)
Still Life on Face (2012) film still

Stephanie Mann graduated from Edinburgh College of Art MFA in 2013 and is currently based in Edinburgh.

Mann has undertaken commissions from The BBC as part of the Edinburgh International Art Festival and has work in the Royal Scottish Academy collections. Awards include the John Kinross Travel Scholarship, The John Watson Prize and Andrew Grant Bequest and Scholarship awards.

Recent projects include: Linking, Linking Arms, Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art (2015), Portraits, Still Life and Landscape, Usher Gallery, Lincoln (2014), WADE IN – WADE IN – WADE IN, Eastern Edge Gallery, Newfoundland, Canada (2014), IMAGE MIRAGE IAMAGE, Moana, Perth, Australia (2014), I See I Don’t See, Lewisham Arthouse, London (2014).