Rebecca Milling, RSA

Building up and up and up, constructing a ‘thing’ of giant proportions is an elemental human desire. We watch children build a tower of bricks with great method and precision followed by the moment of glee and delight when it is high enough to bash down and lies strewn across the floor.

During my RSA residency at Stills and North Lands Glass, I researched the tension that exists between creation and destruction. I learned specialist glass techniques to build sculptures that have required skill as well as time to produce. The photographs record the instant of their destruction. During my residency, I produced two new series of work, Calculated Construction and Reflective Construction.

Slide show: 
Elemental Construction II part 2, Rebecca Milling
Elemental Construction III part one, Rebecca Milling
Elemental Construction III parts1, 2 and 3, Rebecca Milling
Elemental Construction IV part 1, Rebecca Milling
Elemental Construction IV parts 1, 2 and 3, Rebecca Milling
'Calculated Construction II’  (2014) Rebecca Milling
'Calculated Construction III’ (2014) Rebecca Milling
'Calculated Construction V’ (2014) Rebecca Milling
'Calculated ConstructionVIII’ (2014) Rebecca Milling
'Calculated Construction X’ (2014) Rebecca Milling
'Calculated Construction XI’ (2014) Rebecca Milling
'Calculated Construction XIII’ (2014) Rebecca Milling
'Reflective Construction VI’ (2014) Rebecca Milling
'Reflective Construction VIII’ (2014) Rebecca Milling

Rebecca Milling was born in London in 1971 and later grew up in South Wales. She completed her BA(HONS) in Fine Art in 1994 at Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. Milling then went on to complete her Masters in Fine Art at Dundee in 1999 and continues to work as an artist using photography. She currently lives and works in Edinburgh.