Katri Walker, RSA

The Making of 3 Guns for a Killing (installation view) 2011, Katri Walker HDV Di

Katri Walker investigates and celebrates the fertile space between contemporary art, portraiture and documentary filmmaking. Subject matters vary widely but the common thread throughout is always the desire to explore new modes of reflection in a world in which reality is never a static given, but a complex set of relations. Through video installation, I explore subjective realities as a means of understanding our contemporary global predicaments, creating intimate works that document the physical and emotional geographies of my subjects.

Throughout the residency at Stills, I will continue to research and develop my practice whilst making the most of the gallery's fantastic technical resources. A key element of the residency period will be the development of a critical dialogue with Kirsten Lloyd during the preparation and realisation of the second instalment of Social Documents, a programme that deals with themes of particular relevance to my own practice.

Image The Making of 3 Guns for a Killing (installation view) 2011, Katri Walker HDV Diptych, 23 min

Slide show: 
North West (installation view)  2011, Katri Walker HDV Triptych, 10 minutes
Pipe Major Wyatt Earp  2011, Katri Walker C-print on aluminium, 100 x 66 cm
Sometimes It Makes Me Wonder What I Fought For (installation view) 2009, Katri W
Catalina (installation view) 2008, Katri Walker 5-channel monitor installation,

Since 2002, Katri Walker (1978, Edinburgh) has been living between Mexico City and Glasgow where she graduated from the MFA at Glasgow School of Art in 2007. She has exhibited and had her work screened throughout Europe, Mexico, Australia and the U.S.A. Recent and upcoming projects for 2011 include a solo exhibition, North West, at the Edinburgh Art Festival and a 3-person exhibition, Write Me, opening at Galería Arte TalCual in Mexico City followed by Gallery Sopro in Lisbon.