AiR 2015 - Kristian Smith


Kristian Smith's work explores the nature / perception of contemporary life and the idea of the consumer who lives in constant longing for the imaginary. Converging themes in the work include the role of psychology in visual perception, privacy, the virtual landscape and the natural world. Found and appropropriated materials are used within and alongside photography, collage and painting to reframe the subjective qualities of the work as a whole.

Based in Modena and working in a number of locations in Northern Italy, Smith's residency was informed by the work of Luigi Ghirri, religious iconography, JG Ballard and beach resorts. .



Banner Image: Danses (2014) Kristian Smith   (Digital C type print, 77 x 102 cm)  All images courtesy the artist.

Slide show: 
Marie (2014) Kristian Smith   Digital C type print, 65 x 112 cm
from Untitled series (2015) Kristian Smith  Found analogue photograph, 9 x 11 cm
Symbol (2014) Kristian Smith  Collage, 28 x 42 cm
Untitled (The Driver's Seat) (2014) Kristian Smith Digital C type print
Untitled (Rimini) (2015)
Untitled (2015)
Untitled (2015)
Untitled (2015)
Untitled (La Strada) (2015)

Kristian Smith graduated with a BA (Hons) Intermedia Art from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011. Recent exhibitions include: Finite Project Altered When Open, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow (2015), Open 19, Mostyn, Wales (2015), No Time For Hysteria, 126 at Burren College of Art, Ballyvaughan, Ireland (2015), Impressionism, Institut Francais d'Ecosse, Edinburgh (2014), Oblique, David Dale Gallery, Glasgow (2013), Catalyst Arts, Belfast Photo Festival (2013) and Horizon Sprawl, Ormston House, Limerick (2012)..