AiR 2015 – Scott Caruth

Military Odyssey (2014) Scott Caruth. Courtesy the artist

Banner image: Military Odyssey (2014) Scott Caruth & Winnie Herbstein. Courtesy the artist

Scott Caruth’s practice is concerned with processes that set out to document history and how individual responses can challenge preconceived notions of institutionalised historical mythologies.  Taking specific sites, communities or histories as a point of departure, he is interested in the ways in which both ideologies and narratives are constructed and disseminated within them. 

His practice utilises photography and video to address the process of documenting social and political phenomena. This involves paying attention to the limitations inherent to lens based mediums as well as their cultural implications, for which the exploration and use of existing archival material is necessary.

Scott used his AiR residency to explore two points Italian history of interest to him. Firstly, he explored the legacy of the radical left wing movement ‘Autonomia’ of the late 70’s. He utilised the vast photographic archive of the Fondazione Fotografia to explore the movement’s relationship with photography. Secondly, he looked at Mussolini’s appropriation of ancient Roman aesthetics within Italy’s Fascist period. This project revolved around two sites: The Stadio Dei Marmi and Cinicitta Film Studio’s in Rome.


 All images courtesy the artist.

Slide show: 
'Untitled', Fondazione Fotografia Archive (2015)
'Untitled' (Bandieri),Fondazione Fotografia Archive (2015)
'We Are Dreaming Of A Roman Italy', Video Still, Rome (2015)
'We Are Dreaming Of A Roman Italy', Rome (2015)
'We Are Dreaming Of A Roman Italy', Video Still, Rome (2015)

Scott Caruth is based in Glasgow where he graduated from the Fine Art Department of the Glasgow School of Art in 2012.  His degree show was nominated for ‘They Had Four Years ‘ Generator Projects and showcased on BBC’s ‘The Space’. He has undertaken residencies in Palestine, Mexico City and Greece. He has self-published several photo books, the most recent of which ‘Charm Offensive’ was featured amongst the ‘Top Ten Photobooks of 2014’ by Bruno Ceschel for the British Journal Of Photography.