Creative Exchange: Orkney-Edinburgh 2018: Frances Scott

Frances Scott

Artist Frances Scott has been selected to participate on Stills’ Orkney-Edinburgh Creative Residency, sponsored by Highland Park Single Malt Whisky. 

This is a research residency inspired by Stills’ current exhibition of photography and films by Orcadian artists Gunnie Moberg and Margaret Tait. Research made while on Orkney will be shared with Stills’ and Highland Park’s audiences.

Between 8th–15th October Brittonie and Frances will begin the exchange on Orkney, supported by photographer and Gunnie Moberg archivist Rebecca Marr. They will then return to Edinburgh where they will have access to Stills’ facilities.

Frances Scott is a photographer and designer from Orkney. A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, her photographic work often focuses on journeys - from explorations of Toronto’s tangled ravine system to her documentation of Scotland’s A9 road. Her projects are often resolved as books, and her work has been featured in Grafik Magazine and the photography journal NOTES: Letters to Photography. 


After graduating in 2014, Frances returned to Orkney where she co-founded MÓTI, a collective which seeks to unite and motivate art graduates based in the islands. She currently works as a photography technician at Glasgow School of Art, returning home frequently to maintain her connection with Orkney.