Connect/Exchange 2017 - Kimberley O'Neill

'Rough Music' (16mm test), Kimberley O’Neill, 2017

In my practice as an artist filmmaker my work often focuses on how individuals are shaped and influenced by social power structures, ideologies and norms. The aims of my Connect/Exchange residency are to research a new moving image work exploring the dynamics of ‘crowd mind’; the ways that individuals merge with the energy of a crowd when a group of people are connected by a shared goal. 

The starting point for my project was ‘Rough Music’, the name given to folk rituals performed by working class communities between 16th-19th centuries. These were rowdy processions accompanied by discordant music performed on household implements. These rituals ranged from celebrations of newly weds to vengeful public shamings. Rough Music fluctuated between a mocking of authority by flouting the law, to forms of communal self-policing that maintained social norms. 

During my time at Stills I have generated a body of research, including material tests made with 16mm film. I have also looked for histories, individuals and locations in Edinburgh that have a connection to my interests in ‘crowd mind’. This research will help me to write a script and develop formal approaches to the new work.

Slide show: 
'Rough Music' (35mm test), Kimberley O’Neill, 2017
'Rough Music' (16mm test), Kimberley O’Neill, 2017
'Rough Music' (16mm test), Kimberley O’Neill, 2017
'Rough Music' (16mm test), Kimberley O’Neill, 2017

Kimberley O’Neill is an artist filmmaker based in Glasgow. She graduated from the RCA, London 2007. Previous projects include: Circuits of Bad Conscience, Telfer Gallery, Glasgow, 2017; Conatus TV, Edinburgh Art Festival, 2016; Nos Algaes, Tramway, 2014 (collaboration with Cara Tolmie & France Lise McGurn). Forthcoming: Satellites Programme 2018, Collective Gallery.


Connect/Exchange is an Northern Film & Media initiative and the partnership with Stills is supported by Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.

Banner image: 'Rough Music' (16mm test), Kimberley O’Neill, 2017