Connect/Exchange 2017 - Aaron Guy

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As photographer and film-maker the lineage of Aaron Guys' work has focused on economic architecture and how groups of society are often nudged toward a scenario not always ideal for a collective good. 

The Connect/Exchange residency has offered Aaron the chance to focus his research on the mechanics behind the recent snap election, and why the outcome reflected a lack of voice, more than a strong and stable audible message. He has utilised clichéd starting points such as Adam Smith, New Build Hotels and overheard pub conversations - curious to the roots of what is nudging the conversation to bland repetition. 

As part of Aaron’s residency he is meeting with communities around Edinburgh and academics to show a mirror of sarcasm to the fake truths surrounding the conversation and understanding of where we all are economically. 

His time at Stills has enabled the production of a series of images articulating economic theories (not directly), a series of failed ambitious (and expensive) darkroom experiments and a short film questioning Millennials on their tied relationship to economy through education, family and social media habits. These aspects of the residency production are acting as groundworks for the development of an extended work questioning this architecture in a more traditional cinematic format rather than an artist film approach. 

Slide show: 
'Period Drama' (2017) Film still. Aaron Guy
'Period Drama' (2017) Film still. Aaron Guy
'Period Drama' (2017) Film still. Aaron Guy
'Period Drama' (2017) Film still. Aaron Guy
'Period Drama' (2017) Film still. Aaron Guy

Aaron Guy works with communities in marginalised areas throughout the British Isles. By creating a platform for conversation and production, participants have collective agency to understand and question social, political and economic architecture. 

Selected Recent Works: Period Drama - Berwick Gymnasium Gallery 2017, Notice - Woodhorn Colliery Museum / Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art 2016, Extraction Shift (Unsensed Group Show) – Hatton Gallery 2015 and OSGS – They Used to call it the Moon, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art 2014.


Connect/Exchange is an Northern Film & Media initiative and the partnership with Stills is supported by Arts Council England and Creative Scotland.

Banner image: Nothing is concrete anymore (2017) Aaron Guy