The Selfie Studio

Claire Cochrane and Erin Semple
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The Selfie Studio uses the Jo Spence exhibition as a stimulus for discussing self-portraiture, representation and ‘selfies’ in particular.

Groups visiting the ‘studio’ will create a physical image using materials relating to the tropes and taxonomy of selfies. Using a combination of photography, collage, drawing and writing, participants can create an image of themselves that expresses their relationship with representation. They may want to focus on wider social and political concerns, play with the ‘tools’ inherent to airbrushed selfies or use a combination of approaches to express themselves in a way that selfies fail to communicate.

Running for the duration of the Jo Spence exhibition, Stills are working with groups of women from around Edinburgh and Glasgow, including Great Feats, Young Saheliya (with the Edinburgh Art Fesitval), the Multi-Cultural Family Base and the Glasgow Women’s Library.

From the end of October, the Selfie Studio Photo Album will have a permanent home in the Stills library.


If you would like to bring a group in to work with Stills then have a look at the different ways to get involved or contact Stills' Engagment Producer, Claire Cochrane, 


Selfie Studio example

Selfie Studio example 2


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