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SCREENING: All This Can Happen (Siobhan Davies & David Hinton)

Past Thursday, 11 February 2016 6.00PM

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In 2015, Ben Harman, Director of Stills, curated the exhibition SOUTH OF NO NORTH: Approaches to art and performance for Siobhan Davies Dance, London.
Following this collaboration and coinciding with our exhibition of photographs from the Margaret Morris Collection, we are delighted to be able to screen the film
All This Can Happen.

Created by Siobhan Davies and filmmaker David Hinton in 2012, All This Can Happen is a film constructed entirely from archive photographs and footage from the earliest days of cinema.

Based on Robert Walser’s novella ‘The Walk’ (1917), the film follows the footsteps of the protagonist as series of small adventures and chance encounters take the walker from idiosyncratic observations of ordinary events towards a deeper pondering on the comedy, heartbreak and ceaseless variety of life. A flickering dance of intriguing imagery brings to light the possibilities of ordinary movements from the everyday which appear, evolve and freeze before your eyes. Juxtapositions, different speeds and split frame techniques convey the walker’s state of mind as he encounters a world of hilarity, despair and ceaseless variety.

All This Can Happen has toured internationally across four continents screening at film festivals, cinemas, galleries and museums in cities including Rotterdam, Buenos Aires, Hong Kong, San Francisco and Berlin, among others. The film continues to tour internationally to high critical acclaim. 

‘...a choreography of a different, but even more remarkable kind.’  Hartmut Regitz, Tanz Magazine Yearbook 2014

‘The reason to watch this film is not because it is artful and thoughtful, though it is that. It is because it restores us to our senses, because it touches – gently – both body and soul. To walk, it suggests, is to be in the world.’  Sanjoy Roy, Aesthetica

‘Davies and Hinton have achieved the near-impossible: a film both harrowing and full of levity, pathological and poignant, microscopic and expansive.’  Sukhdev Sandhu, Sight & Sound

 ‘A historical masterpiece… I know nothing more complex, simple, flavoured, archaic, post-modern, in the same glimpse, than this film-mirror.’  Patrick Bensard, Cinémathèque de la Danse

Image: A Bronx Morning, still from All This Can Happen (2012), courtesy of BFI National Archive.
'A Bronx Morning' Still from All This Can Happen, Courtesy of BFI National Archi

Film Lounge Screening: As You See Harun Farocki (1986) 72 mins

Past Wednesday, 12 June 2013 6.30PM


A feminine voice over tells a story with a non-linear narrative. Human beings, machines and image production are elements, which need to be turned around and be re designed with the meanings they create together. There is a chance to draw other possibilities to process meanings through images and alternative political ways of perceiving. Farocki describes As You See as a film made up of “many details and creates a lot of image-image and word-image and word-word relationships among them.”

Introduced by Second Sight artist Valentina Bonizzi.

This event is free but spaces are limited. To book a place please click here


German with English subtitles.
Courtesy Harun Farocki Film produktion


Stills would like to thank Tony Macaroni and Arts and Business Scotland New Arts Sponsorship Award for their funding and partnership in producing Second Sight

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'Code Name "Cyclist" (Radfahrer)', Screening

Past Thursday, 18 November 2010 7PM


For this special screening Director Marc Thümmler will present and discuss his film with GDR photographer Harald Hauswald.

Considered a ‘subversive element’, GDR photographer Harald Hauswald- founder member of the renowned Ostkreuz photo agency - was observed by the Stasi for several years under the code name Radfahrer (cyclist). Marc Thümmler juxtaposes Hauswald’s pictures with excerpts from state security reports, and the resulting film gives an insight into everyday life in 1980s East Germany as well as the Stasi agents' attempts to analyze Hauswald's work.

German with subtitles, 2008 Cert. U

Presented in association with Goethe - Institut Glasgow

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