Stills f:ocus group

Thursday, 4 March 2010

The fourth in a new series of photography events at Stills aiming to bring together photographers from all backgrounds to inspire each other through presentation of works and discussion. Stills f:ocus events are peer led evenings that will begin with informal discussion and project presentations, followed by the opportunity to discuss your own work and share experiences. 

Stills f:ocus events are FREE and open to everyone! So come along and get involved in a new network of local photographers! 

No booking necessary.

Theme / Brief; Book Cover

We want you to produce a cover for the last book you read, or your favourite book. Novels or short stories not photo books! Please present one image in printed format and portrait orientation. If you take a landscape shot think about how you might place it on a portrait page (it could work as a wrap for the back cover as well but obviously this would shift your main focus to the right-hand side of the image).

A few things to think about might be:
Scale: Will the image work on a regular sized book cover (around A5)? For presentation please print your image as close to A5 as possible.
Text: You do not have to place text on your image but be conscious that almost all books have the title on the front - some blank space in the image might work well.
Narrative or Atmospheric: Do you want to directly illustrate a section or a few lines from the book, or create a more abstract image which "feels" right?

Any students among you might want to consider entering this competition by Fuji and those who aren't might be interested in this one from Penguin either way Penguin Modern Classics did a great series of photography covers which are worth looking at for inspiration!

For the sixth f:ocus group (May 6th) the session will be dedicated to a longer, more in-depth critique. This will be an open theme and is designed to provide you with the opportunity to show one body of work that is a self-initiated project.