Fresh Focus - Print & Zine Swap

Tuesday, 12 June 2018

This event is by invitation. If it sounds like something that would be of interest to you please get in touch with

Fresh Focus is running this print and zine swap to bring together the wider photographic community to promote sharing work. Social media allows us anonymous access to many artists’ working practice but rarely provides opportunities for artists to meet each other in the flesh. This evening will be an opportunity to discover new work, to meet the makers you have watched from afar and put faces to usernames.

The print & zine swap will run on an item to item basis – if you bring one item, you can take away one item. Please note that in order to maintain diversity there is a five item maximum for each artist. The swapping will be done anonymously with all contributed pieces laid out by the group for display, so participants won’t necessarily know whose work they are taking. This is to encourage decisions based on content rather than the names attached to the work. Throughout the course of the evening you may wish to try and find the author of your selection to let them know how cool it is, but it’s totally up to you.

Find out more about Fresh Focus.