Book Launch

Friday, 27 March 2015
2pm - 5pm

The Sands of Time Greta Kirkwood Andresen

Published by Word Power Books in Edinburgh.

Book Price £ 29.99

Join us at Stills to celebrate the launch of Greta Kirkwood Andresen’s Sands of Time.

“Greta Kirkwood Andresen’s Sands of Time is a beautifully poetic take on the complexity of Africa and the Middle East. The work reflects the interest, awe and compassion felt by Kirkwood in retracing earlier steps over those lands. The insightful texts and poetry that accompany the images draw one into her mind’s eye and its reflection of her deeply personal experience of these lands. One is left with a sense of both the urgency of the political situation in much of the region but also the resilience of human life under the deepest adversity.”

Dr Lee Salter

Introduction by Raja Shehadeh, Orwell prize-winning author of Palestinian Walks & Occupation Diaries

This is a wonderfully earthy production, with hard back, cloth with full colour photography and text, 7 poems, a publication comprising of 376 pages. Imagery and text from Egypt, Jordan, Isreal and the Occupied Territories, Lebanon and Kenya juxtaposed with archival images from that region from 1939-45.

Greta Kirkwood Andresen was born in Norway in 1976 of Scottish and Norwegian descent, from an artistic background. After leaving Norway she lived in Edinburgh for close to a decade to explore more of her British heritage and culture, simultaneously for studies and work.

Her debut book, a portrait of Havana, Cuba combines imagery, with individual pieces of poetry and a journal (published in 2011). Here she tells a deepfelt, poetic and at times satirical story of a city in decay in more than one way. Her many faceted, deeply insightful narratives of discovery, in combination with her decisive photographic eye, creates an unforgettable experience for the viewer almost like being present there ourselves. “a very personal and honestly empathic trip to Havana, Cuba, in some ways obviously a pretty depressing place to visit. Looking at her pictures and reading her story is almost like stepping inside her nightmare, living inside it, for a brief moment, a nightmare we can easily wish away by closing the book and looking at something pleasant”. – Dan Young (American photographer, lived and worked in Norway b.1938-2014). This book also gives a little sum from the sale of each book to Human Rights Watch (thus far HRW have received approx. £ 800 from the sale of books).

Greta has been a member of The Society of Fine Art Photographers in Norway (Forbundet Frie Fotografer) since 2001. She holds a postgraduate degree in Journalism from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and a Bachelor of Arts (hons) in Photography from Napier University, Edinburgh. She has partaken in both solo and group shows in Oslo and Edinburgh, and her photographs are represented in public and private collections.


The book is for sale at WORD POWER BOOKS, Edinburgh Phone: 0131 662 9112 Email: