Discussion and film screening

Film Screening & Discussion | Carol Mavor and Megan Powell’s FULL (2014)

Past Thursday, 23 October 2014 6.30pm

A screening of the 39-minute film by Carol Mavor and Megan Powell, followed by an in-conversation with the filmmakers and the audience. 

Ten-year old Ivo does not want to grow. Carol Mavor and Megan Powell's black and white film is chock-full of gorgeous imagery of cocoons, sprouting mushrooms, butterflies feeding with their coiled tongues, a field planted with two hospital beds, an empty nest being torn in two, a bowl of over-spilling milk, a mother, a father and a boy. With the combined sensibility of Chris Marker's La Jetée and Francesca Woodman's photography, the viewer is taken through the drama and terror of a boy who prefers not to eat.

Carol Mavor calls herself an 'artist historian'. She is the author of five books, most recently Blue Mythologies (2013), which creatively engage with the representation of childhood, photography, the maternal body, colour, boyishness, girlishness, memory, forgetting and experimental cinema. Her Reading Boyishly was named by Grayson Perry as his 2008 'Book of the Year'. For her short Fairy Tale Still Almost Blue, the Philadelphia Enquirer writes: 'I was drawn to Mavor's hauntingly beautiful film...narrated in her own hypnotic voice, which is something akin to an all-female, fairy tale version of Thomas Mann dark novella Death in Venice.' Currently, Mavor is writing a novel entitled Like a Lake.

Megan Powell is a photographer and filmmaker, who received her MA from Royal College of Art. For her eye for seeing the unseen, she was most recently honoured with a residency at Winterbourne House and Gardens, as part of a commission funded by the Arts Council, to film and photograph a long-time favourite subject of hers: bees. This latest project is inspired by the photographs of Alfred Watkins, who famously invented a tiny and efficient light meter called the 'Bee Meter'.

This is a free event but places are limited. Please book your ticket here.

A celebration of Europe Day

Past Thursday, 9 May 2013 5.30PM & 7.15PM

Venue: Italian Cultural Institute, 82 Nicolson St, Edinburgh

5.30pm Europa, our First Migrant

Playwright Maggie Rose and Salvatore Cabras will discuss the origins of the figure 'Europa', how she relates to contemporary concepts of European identity and the development of their play 'Europa, our First Migrant' (see page 17). Followed by Q+A and discussion.

7.15pm Women of Molise 
Director Agapito Di Pilla will introduce his film 'Women of Molise' (60 mins) which follows the photographic journey of photographer Frank Monace in 1950 through rural Italy to document the lives of women affected by migration. Followed by Q+A and discussion.  


Stills would like to thank Tony Macaroni and Arts and Business Scotland New Arts Sponsorship Award for their funding and partnership in producing Second Sight

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IMAGE: Women of Molise (2012), Agapito Di Pilla, video 60' mins

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