Project Day: B&W Darkroom Printing

Project Day: B&W Darkroom Printing

11:00 - 17:00
Morwenna Kearsley

A perfect follow-on course for those who have already completed an introductory darkroom printing course, or who have a reasonable level of B&W darkroom printing experience.

Please bring B&W negatives (35mm or medium format) that relate to each other in some way (subject matter, tonal rnage, environment etc.) as we will be making a number of prints that can be read as a series.

Skills you will learn include: reading a negative, producing print plans, expanded single-filtter printing, split-filter printing, dodging and burning, producing a series of prints on fibre-based paper, finishing your prints.

**Please note: This course only covers the printing of images and participants should therefore bring previously processed negatives (either 35mm or 120) and if you have one, a printed contact sheet along to the session**

All materials (including a range of papers) will be provided.

Course Outline


  • Presentation and analysis of what makes a successful series of photographs, and how the final print can be crafted to accentuate the photographer's artistic intent.
  • Reading the negative and pre-visualising the print.
  • Re-cap of darkroom skills - including overview of single filter printing, test strips and making a work print.
  • Learn how to split-filter print.
  • Making a printing plan
  • Using fibre based paper.
  • Plenty of practical darkroom time to work on your images and gain confidence in the new skills and processes.
  • Finishing your prints.



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