Reading Photography

Reading Photography

23 May 2018 - 27 June 2018
18.00 - 20.00
David Grinly

This six week programme of evening discussions invites you to respond to a lecture on the Nature of Photography now. How have changes in technology affected the way photography is experienced and understood, and how have these things changed the coordinates of our communication.

Please note this course is bookable by the week, with a reduced price for signing up to the full 6 sessions. 

Course Outline

Week One - The Camera. 

What is the nature of the machine, how does it work and what impact do the operations of the camera have on the viewer of the image, expert or non-expert? What does shutter speed mean other than a mechanical measurement of time? And what happens when we don’t have a mechanical shutter anymore? 

Week Two - Darkrooms and Photoshop.

How does image manipulation work? How has it worked in the past and how does it work now? In what way might we consider “manipulation” as inherent in the nature of photography and what does this mean for decisions and judgements made on the basis of photographs? Are there ethical links between our new dark age of fake news and the inherent falsity of the photographic?

Week Three - Photography as a Social Tool. 

Having considered the methods by which photographs are made, this week focuses on selected historical uses of photography, tracing a course through some well known and some lesser well known historical images and their publication. Where and how are photographs delivered? And how have the significant shifts in communications in the past twenty years altered the efficacy and reliability of our social work?

Week Four - Classic Readings in Photography. 

Introducing several “canonical” photography texts (copies will be made available the previous week) and tracing lines of comparison between them. This week’s course will aim to understand how these texts are influenced by “the photographic” and how they in turn have changed our understanding and appreciation of photography. 

Week Five - Contemporary Readings in Photography. 

Focussing on the work of two living philosophers writing on photography, this week will ask how does photography operates at an almost “unconscious” level, almost as a matter of belief. Are we so enveloped in the photographic that we can no longer reflect on its persuasive force? How can we approach the making and thinking of photographs now? 

Week Six - Slide show and Open Discussion.

This week will use a slide show of historical and contemporary images to promote and provoke discussion among the group. How do individual responses and intersectional categories influence our individual and group responses to photographic images now? 

Courses are open to all individuals aged 16 and over. We cannot accept bookings for participants under this age.

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