Out from the Darkcloth - Intro to Large Format Photography

Out from the Darkcloth - Intro to Large Format Photography

15 February 2020 - 16 February 2020
11.00 - 17.00
Brittonie Fletcher

This course provides an introduction to the large format 5x4 view camera. 

What does large format mean in photography? What is a 5x4 (4x5) camera? How does a view (bellows) camera work? Wait…can you still get plates for that? Isn’t that just a really old camera?  All these questions and more will be answered! 

Behold! A negative which has more detail and information than many digital cameras, high resolution, fine grain, big contact print. 

Course Outline

Day 1: Introduction 

  • Overview of course and Health & Safety 
  • Camera anatomy
    • Bellows
    • Lens board + Lenses
    • What's a copal?
    • What do you mean 'movements?'
    • Darkslides - loading and use
    • Lightmetering
  • Setup and first exposures 

Day 2: Film processing

  • Cover film processing methods - tanks vs trays
  • Process the exposed film 
  • Make contact prints to see our developed large format photographs!

Courses are open to all individuals aged 16 and over. We cannot accept bookings for participants under this age.

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